When applying for funding a pre Visit (Advanced Planning Visit) should be considered and added into the application. Otherwise information should be gathered from reliable sources and combined together with a risk assessment to make a decision

To get funding and advice about youth cultural exchange, get in contact with:




The local Borough or County Council


The local Community Council


In relevant areas, the local Communities First Board

Arts or Sports Funds where relevant to the group’s activity


Always have a clear purpose and plan


Ensure safety and an enjoyable learning experience


Set clear aims and objectives


Ensure right environment for the activities


Prepare with  the necessary information about staffing  and  resources required.

Always have a clear purpose and plan (agreed by young people)


Ensure safety and an enjoyable learning experience


Set clear aims and objectives


Ensure right environment for the activities


Prepare with  the necessary information about staffing, and needed resources


Staff and young people’s availability


The need to fit in with the requirements of the host community


Any religious holidays and festivals


Costs and funding requirements


Weather factors

Ensure you have completed the required paperwork required legally or by your organisation.


Travel tickets, passports and visas; and a photocopy of all of these


All documents relating to accommodation bookings


Medical documents and significant medical histories for staff and young people


A copy of the organisation’s required paperwork


Insurance  documents and the company’s contact numbers


Emergency details for the location to be visited (eg. location of hospital and medical services)


A copy of all of these should be kept by the home contact person


The immediate accommodation area should be exclusively for your group and there must be separate male and female sleeping/bathroom facilities for young people and staff


Ensure good security where there is no 24 hour reception to stop unauthorised visitors


Have at least one staff member of each sex for mixed groups


Ensure that the accommodation meets Health & Safety regulations and the requirements of the group


Make a pre-visit if possible to assess the accommodation prior to the visit and undertake a risk assessment


Make the young people aware of fire procedures.


A detailed programme should be established with appropriate supervision at all times


Be aware that the activities may change during the youth exchange


The activities must guarantee the participation of all young people


Encourage young people to undertake appropriate challenges during the activities

Ensure that the activity providers have any valid license. Find further information at www.aala.org

Ensure that all the risks have been assessed


That they have the appropriate insurance


That they have the appropriate safety procedures and first aid in place


That their operating procedures meet the guidelines of the National Governing Body for the activity where this is appropriate


All parties should be equipped appropriately for the location, weather, and the relevant activity


Prior planning is required in order to ensure all the needed material (clothing, equipment and kit) for each stage of the programme




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